Well hear he is, My Sj that goes by the name of Knacker! Over the last three years i have modified it to my own specifications and it's current spec is: 
1600 Vitara engine powered by an Su carb coupled together with a home fab heated manifold. This is the 3rd engine that i have put into him during its time, and i have put a 16V vitara radiator into it to try and keep it cool during slow speed trialing. Steering is pretty standard with Vitara PAS, and a home strengthened steering bar, and the steering lock opened up to the max. Drive train is a standard sj gear box (number 2) Rocklobster transferbox with HD bucket with a Twinstick conversion allowing me to select 2WD low.
Axles are standard samuari, second rear axle, and have had both open and welded diffs in the rear during its time. Rear disc conversion, front brakes standard. Fuel tank moved indoors for protection. Running a 3" Calmini spring set up with a home made 2" body lift. 3" pro comp es300 shocks with all breathers brake lines etc extended. Running 31/10.5/15 on weller rims. HD front and rear bumpers, 6 point roll cage and tubular snorkel.
Interior is basic, with some non standard seats, CB radio, some non original warning lights for fuel oil and the fan. I run both half doors and the original doors which can be easily swapped. Rear tub is chequre plated in black housing the fuel tank and tool compartment.
Over all the drive on the road is "unique" with a top speed of 57, its slow, but is a real head turner and is well known in the area. Now i use it to compete in a local trialing club, and have had some good successes with the last 2 outings picking up 1st prize. Light nimble and power at the tap of the accelerator is just what you need for trials, visibility is good, and with a 1st low gear slower than walking pace, lots of time for forward planning.